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You Can not Communicate Telepathically - So Create an Email Signature

You Can not Communicate Telepathically - So Create an Email Signature [ad_1]
What image are you portraying when you send email? Having a properly designed signature accomplishes two main objectives:

1) Expressing the image you seek to convey in a professional and organized manner.

2) Ensuring that parties receiving the email will have your complete contact information.

Email signatures are commonly included within the body of an email or as an attachment. Let's start by determining what is important in creating a consistent and professional email signature.

1) Name

2) Title

3) Phone number

4) Direct email address

5) Web site address

6) Other pertinent information

Now let's take a look at how to create your signature in the body of an email and as an attachment using your email program and or word processing program if used in conjunction with your email.

1. Creating a Signature block

O In Microsoft Outlook, start a new message by using Word as your e-mail editor.

O In the new message, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the General tab.

O Click E-mail Options, and then click the E-mail Signature tab.

O Under Create your e-mail signature, type and format the text you want to use for your signature.

O In the Type the title of your e-mail signature or choose from the list box, type a name for your signature.

O Click Add.

O Under Choose your default e-mail signature, click the name of a signature in the Signature for new messages list box and

O the Signature for replies and forwards list box, or click (None) if you do not want to use a default signature.

2. Make it easy to include a vCard with your auto signature

O On the Tools menu, click Options.

O On the Mail Format tab, click Signature Picker.

O Click New.

O Select the options you want, and then click Next.

O Under vCard Options, select a vCard from the list or click New vCard from Contact.

The signature saves time for the recipient and will insure no delay in returning your call or responding to any correspondence.

Do not assume they have the business card you left them two weeks ago. Insert a vCard.


Source by Karen Cynowa
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