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Learning to Accept and Know Ourselves

Learning to Accept and Know Ourselves [ad_1]
What is Life?

Can we think of life as a process of energy flow? Spiritually, the process is from the awareness of Oneness with Creator and All that Is, to the awareness of multiplicity of expression, and back to Oneness. As humans, we come into the world with awareness centered on self. As we progress we learn about and experience the many physical forms within time and space through our five senses and still maintain an awareness centered on self. Both processes are greatly enhanced and sped through with the practice of accepting and knowing.


Accepting that we are on all levels, spiritual beasts and human beings, and whatever is going on in our lives reduces our resistance to the learning of the present moment. The law of physics applies to the emotions as well as material objects. Whatever we resist, persists in our lives!

Someone who is ill can and should accept that he / she has cancer to deal with, but not identify with their body or the sickness. It is necessary to accept the illness in order to become aware of what we need to do about it. We accept that we are the product of all our past thoughts and actions as well as beliefs and dreams. In fact, whatever is happening in our lives is perfect right now for our learning. From this point of acceptance we are aware of the need for guidance to improve our lives. With tools like Spiritual Response Therapy, you can research and clear subconscious, conscious, and soul programs causing difficulty and then once that is done, you can do what is necessary spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically to bring about change.

If we only affirm the good and visualize what we wish, we may be living in denial or delusion of our physical, emotional, and mental situation. Objectively accepting what has happened in our lives is very spiritual. As the spiritual guru Ram Dass would say, "Ah, so." meaning it just is what we are dealing with right now. In other words, look at it without emotional response, really see what is going on in the moment. Then you are empowered to choose to deal with it from the higher spiritual perspective. If someone says he has cancer - "Ah, so" meaning that's how life's learning process is working right now. You're getting a divorce, "Ah, so." Her child died - "Ah, so." In each case there will be emotional and mental responses as well as physical actions to experience in time and space. But absolutely we must accept the human situation in order to move on from that point of the living process. We must always accept or have objective awareness before we can move to the higher spiritual level of completing the healing and learning.


Knowing is beyond believing. I may believe in the prosperity principles, but until I have experienced prosperity miracles in my own life, I do not really KNOW the Truth of abundant supply or Spirit as Source. We do not have firm conviction behind our beliefs until we prove our beliefs by personal experience. If asked to describe the process of spiritual growth in three words, they would be Believing, Knowing and Being. That's how important Knowing is!

No matter what anyone else says or does, if you have experienced a Spiritual Truth, you know that you KNOW. And you can never again not know that Truth. Neither can anyone excuse away what you have proven.

Personally I know that SPIRIT is with me, I know that I receive good guidance at all major points of my life, I know I can be healed (even instantly) and I know that Love is the greatest power to transform self and others. I know, not just believe, these to be Universal Truths because I have experienced them in my own life and then seen them work in others' lives. Having Spiritual Response Therapy as a powerful and effective tool and resource in my life only helps multiply the sense of "knowing" I have and help with removing all sorts of blocks I have to "know", healing and growing.

Saying we believe can be lip service to try to convince ourselves of a truth, but until we have put our courage on the line and proven the truth in our lives, it has not yet become a part of our process of living - of our own life and in has not yet been integrating into every cell of our bodies and brains. That is why Believing moves on to Knowing (conviction) and then onto being part of our very self.

What is most important to know is that you are a powerful eternal Spiritual Being having a Physical Experience. You have a body, you have emotions, you have a mind, but you are far more than these. You are the wise deciding power and spiritual life energy behind the mind, personality and body you use. The REAL YOU has been one with Ultimate Creator for eternity, your spirit is always one with SPIRIT God, and you are on the way to knowing and being aware of that eternal Oneness with all there is! Accept your learning experiences in this world school room of time, space, and form, but live from the knowing and realization of your "higher spiritual nature". do not identify yourselves with time, space, or physical form! You are SPIRIT!


Source by Mahindra Raj
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